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Monday, April 16, 2012

Inner City Libraries Need Your Help

In different areas of the United States, the government has made budget cuts that resulted in a decrease in the use of services and the amount of staff for libraries.  I remember first hearing about the library cuts in Philadelphia back in 2008-2009 that sent the library community in an uproar, and ignited a campaign to save the local public libraries.  The situation in Philadelphia also got people talking about whether or not libraries are still necessary in this day and age of technological saturation.

I believe that technology can only help in attracting patrons to the library, knowing that in many cities, the citizens can't afford computer access in their residences.  There are many creative ways in which librarians can encourage families and citizens to become frequent customers.  This starts with the children, who are in need of the library to help them with intellectual growth, curiosity, and discovery. 

Here is an article that discusses the budget cuts and library branch closings in Philadelphia:

Here is an article about how librarians are reaching out to children who live in unsafe parts of the cities and giving them a safe haven and an opportunity to enrich their minds:

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